ITC Lubalin Graph Font


ITC Lubalin Graph is originally based from ITC Avant Garde Gothic. It was designed in 1974 by Herb Lubalin, and drawn by Tony DiSpigna and Joe Sundwall. The first ITC has basic geometric character shapes while the latter has strong typeface and with additional slab serifs or Egyptian. Slabs are big squares or rectangles. ITC Lubalin Graph conveys a bold, straightforward appearance type from headlines to packaging. In 1992, small caps and old styles were added by Sigrid Engelmann and Helga Jorgenson.

This ITC Lubalin Graph is for use on a desktop workstation.  It supports up to 50 languages and 10 OpenType features. It is ideal for users who wish to portray practicality and steadiness.

Download ITC Lubalin Graph Font

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