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Helvetica is originally designed by Max Miedinger and Linotype Design Studio in 1961. It contains up to 36 Typefaces and supports 33 languages. These 36 Typefaces that you can choose from include but are not limited to Helvetica Neue, Roman, Oblique, Light, Light Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique, Narrow Roman, Narrow Roman Oblique, Compressed, Extra Compressed, and Ultra Compressed. Furthermore, Helvetica licenses are available in all styles such as Desktop, Mobile Phones, Digital Ads, Servers, and Electronic Publications like eBooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines.

Helvetica’s popularity makes it the go-to choice of many successful companies for their personal logo fonts. Microsoft, BMW, American Airlines, JC Penney, Target, and American Apparel are just few of the companies that hold to its promise.

If you’re one of those type geeks, Helvetica is perfect for your personal and professional projects.

Helvetica is the 34th bestselling font.











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