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Futura was created by Bauer Type Foundry in 1926. It was designed with geometric shapes in mind; reason why the font itself is almost perfect in circles, triangles, and squares. Futura’s efficiency made it a long time favorite font in most logos and books. IKEA, Crayola, FremantleMedia, HP, and Volkswagen to name a few, are well-known companies that used Futura as their trademark business font. Paul Renner was behind the success of Futura because of his unique talent in designing and painting which he later on enhanced to make Futura font more comprehensible. It was given Metal Type versions like Futura Condensed, Futura Demibold, Futura Black, Steile Futura, Futura Inline, and Futura Next, and Paratype versions like Futura PT, Futura Futuris, Futura Classic, and Bukra.

Currently, TV5 channel in the Philippines and Animax Asia are using Futura in their main typeface. Furthermore, Futura has a huge contribution in the film promotion of Battlefield, Captain America: Civil War, Gone Girl, Interstellar, and Gravity which they used in posters and location cards.

Futura is a symbol of agelessly modern font that showcases quality, stylishness and clearness in your business and project concept.

Futura made it to the 24th spot for bestseller fonts.











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