Neusa Next Font


Neusa Next is a beautiful sans serif font family design by Maria V. Pigoulevskaya. It offers a wide range of stunning and stylish widths and weights with rich and complex typographic palette. Neusa Next is suitable for text layout with distinctive characteristics that will perfectly match your display settings.

Neusa Next has a several font weights including: Neusa Next Pro Compact Thin, Pro Compact Thin Italic, Pro Compact Light, Pro Compact Light Italic, Pro Compact Regular, Pro Compact Italic, Pro Compact Medium, Pro Compact Medium Italic, Pro Compact Bold, Pro Compact Bold Italic, Pro Condensed Thin, Pro Condensed Thin Italic, Pro Condensed Light, Pro Condensed Light Italic, Pro Condensed Regular, Pro Condensed Italic, Pro Condensed Medium, Pro Condensed Medium Italic, Pro Condensed Bold, Pro Condensed Bold Italic, Pro Thin, Pro Thin Italic, Pro Light, Pro Light Italic, Pro Regular, Pro Italic, Pro Medium, Pro Medium Italic, Pro Bold, Pro Bold Italic, Pro Wide Thin, Pro Wide Thin Italic, Pro Wide Light, Pro Wide Light Italic, Pro Wide Regular, Pro Wide Italic, Pro Wide Medium, Pro Wide Medium Italic, Pro Wide Bold, Pro Wide Bold Italic, Std Compact Thin, Std Compact Thin Italic,  Std Compact Light, Std Compact Light Italic, Std Compact Regular, Std Compact Italic, Std Compact Medium, Std Compact Medium Italic, Std Compact Bold, Std Compact Bold Italic, Std Condensed Thin, Std Condensed Thin Italic, Std Condensed Light, Std Condensed Light Italic, Std Condensed Regular, Std Condensed Italic, Std Condensed Medium, Std Condensed Medium Italic, Std Condensed Bold, Std Condensed Bold Italic, Std Thin, Std Thin Italic, Std Light, Std Light Italic, Std Regular, Std Italic, Std Medium, Std Medium Italic, Std Bold, Std Bold Italic, Std Wide Thin, Std Wide Thin Italic, Std Wide Light, Std Wide Light Italic, Std Wide Regular, Std Wide Italic, Std Wide Medium, Std Wide Medium Italic, Std Wide Bold and Std Wide Bold Italic.

Enjoy choosing a lot of options on your layout with Neusa next font family.

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