Filson Soft Font


Filson Soft is a beautiful font family, a rounded version of the famous font family Filson Pro, designed by Olivier Gourvat. This font is currently one of the top 30 best-selling fonts of 2017.

This font has numerous distinctive features that allow both cursive and geometric characters to blend in with each other. Filson Soft is perfect for branding, logos, editorial and headlines. This font family has several font weights, including: Filson Soft Thin, Thin Italic, Light, Light Italic, Book, Book Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic, Heavy and Heavy Italic.

The letters K, Q and R have distinctive and elegant curves which make this font family very interesting. Every character is carefully created with sensitive curves packed with old style figures. This font is highly legible with rounded letter edges and perfect for professional layout designs. Filson Soft will definitely give your layout the best look and feel.

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