Uni Neue Font

Uni Neue

Uni Neue Font Family is a font created by Plamen Motev and Svetoslav Simov last 2016 and this font is currently one of the 10 best seller fonts from its official release date. This font is inspired from the famous corporate looking font Uni Sans family but with a lot of signature features new proportions.

Uni Neue has 14 font weights to offer, choose between 2 thin wegihts: Uni Neue Thin and Uni Neue Thin Italic, it has 2 light weights: Uni Neue Light and Uni Neue Light Italic, it has 2 book weights Uni Neue Book and Uni Neue Book Italic, it also have 2 varieties of regular, bold, italic, heavy and black weights with corresponding italics variety. All of the proportions and weights are smooth with simple but very professional looking strokes.

This is perfect for corporate signatures and branding with soft rounded edges that add distinctive features to the thickness, widths and geometric feel of each character. This font family is design to fit web and desktop screen that helps your design become catchy and stunning to stand out from all the rest. Logos, brands, publications, advertisements and packaging will simply look more exciting with Uni Neue font family.

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