Artegra Sans Font


Artegra Sans is a beautiful sans serif font family created by Ceyhun Birinci, a Turkish designer. It took years to complete the entire package and with its professional look, it is currently one of the best selling fonts of 2017.

This font came to life with a vision to create a comprehensive and eligible font to suit every designer’s choice. Artegra Sans has numerous font weights available, choose from: Artegra Sans Thin, Alt Thin, SC Thin, Thin Italic, Alt Thin Italic, SC Thin Italic, Extralight, Alt Extralight, SC Extralight, Extralight Italic, Alt Extralight Italic, SC Extralight Italic, Light, Alt Light, SC Light, Light Italic, Alt Light Italic, SC Light Italic, Regular, Alt Regular, SC Regular, Regular Italic, Alt Regular Italic, SC Regular Italic, Medium, Alt Medium, SC Medium, Medium Italic, Alt Medium Italic, SC Medium Italic, SemiBold, Alt SemiBold, SC SemiBold, SemiBold Italic, Alt SemiBold Italic, SC SemiBold Italic, Bold, Alt Bold, SC Bold, Bold Italic, Alt Bold Italic, SC Bold Italic, ExtraBold, Alt ExtraBold, ExtraBold Italic, Alt ExtraBold Italic, SC ExtraBold Italic, Black Alt Black, SC Black, Black Italic, Alt Black Italic, SC Black Italic, Condensed Thin, Condensed Alt Thin, Condensed SC Thin, Condensed Thin Italic, Condensed Alt Thin Italic, Condensed SC Thin Italic, Condensed ExtraLight, Condensed Alt ExtraLight, Condensed ExtraLight Italic, Condensed Alt ExtraLight Italic, Condensed SC ExtraLight Italic, Condensed Light, Condensed Alt Light, Condensed SC Light, Condensed Light Italic, Condensed Alt Light Italic, Condensed SC Light Italic, Condensed Regular, Condensed Alt Regular, Condensed SC Regular, Condensed Regular Italic, Condensed Regular Italic, Condensed Alt Regular Italic, Condensed SC Regular Italic, Condensed Medium, Condensed Alt Medium, Condensed SC Medium, Condensed Medium Italic, Condensed Alt Medium Italic, Condensed SC Medium Italic, Condensed SemiBold, Condensed Alt SemiBold, Condensed SC SemiBold, Condensed SemiBold Italic, Condensed Alt SemiBold Italic, Condensed SC SemiBold Italic, Condensed Bold, Condensed Alt Bold, Condensed SC Bold, Condensed Bold Italic, Condensed Alt Bold Italic, Condensed SC Bold Italic, Condensed ExtraBold, Condensed Alt ExtraBold, Condensed SC ExtraBold, Condensed ExtraBold Italic, Condensed Alt ExtraBold Italic, Condensed SC ExtraBold Italic, Condensed Black, Condensed Alt Black, Condensed SC Black, Condensed Black Italic, Condensed Alt Black Italic, Condensed SC Black Italic, Extended Thin, Extended Alt Thin, Extended SC Thin, Extended Thin Italic, Extended Alt Thin Italic, Extended SC Thin Italic, Extended ExtraLight, Extended Alt ExtraLight, Extended SC ExtraLight, Extended ExtraLight Italic, Extended Alt ExtraLight Italic, Extended SC ExtraLight Italic, Extended Light, Extended Alt Light, Extended SC Light, Extended Light Italic, Extended Alt Light Italic, Extended SC Light Italic, Extended Regular, Extended Alt Regular, Extended SC Regular, Extended Regular Italic, Extended Alt Regular Italic, Extended Medium, Extended Alt Medium, Extended SC Medium, Extended Medium Italic, Extended Alt Medium Italic, Extended SC Medium Italic, Extended SemiBold, Extended Alt SemiBold, Extended SC SemiBold, Extended SemiBold Italic, Extended Alt SemiBold Italic, Extended Bold, Extended Alt Bold, Extended SC Bold, Extended Bold Italic, Extended Alt Bold Italic, Extended SC Bold Italic, Extended ExtraBold, Extended SC ExtraBold, Extended Alt ExtraBold, Extended ExtraBold Italic, Extended SC ExtraBold Italic, Extended Alt ExtraBold Italic, Extended Black, Extended Alt Black, Extended SC Black, Extended Black Italic, Extended Alt Black Italic and Extended SC Black Italic.

Artegra Sans is just the perfect font for you with its collection of stunning strokes and stylistic alternates, everything is perfectly composed to suit the need of every layout.

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