Town Font


Town is a new font family recently design by Jason Vandenberg last 2016. This font style is a collection of classic look with contemporary display proportions that is inspired by art deco. Town has numerous stylish designs and has 12 base styles in different decorative weights.

Town 10 has 8 different weights, a combination of simple lettering style from the Hairline to Display Black. Town 20 is a collection of simple in-line stroke with 7 available weights. Town 21 is a collection of outline styles with 4 available weights to choose from. Another base font from this font family is Town 22 which is a collection of emboss font weights, it has 8 available designs. Town 23 is a collection of lines font design with 9 available styles. Town 30 has multiple available font weights which is a collection of shadow decorative font styles. Town 31 has 16 font weights, this is a collection of dimensional styles which look really stunning for title and label. Town 40 is similar to stencil lettering with 11 font weights available. Town 50, 60, 70 and 80 are combination of chic, contrast and accent font style with different decorative features perfect for maintaining harmonious look with your designs.

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