Letter Gothic Font


The typeface is from the Albert Pinggera family which is based on the old typewriter facts of the “Letter Gothic”. This font is not actually monospaced and is the default of the family “FF Letter Gothic Mono.” With this one, it is more typographic compared to usual typewriter faces. Although there are available weights of this family, three of which actually, each of these are incorporated with an italic companion. Just like in the case of FontFonts where its default style the FF Letter Gothic Text have lining figures which have available features of an OpenType.

Letter Gothic has undergone changes since its revolutionary update by FontFont. The reason why many are using this commercial font is because of its classic nuances, monospacing and traditional charm in technology.

Since its release to the public this font has been used for a myriad of purposes. For one, it is used in advertisement materials such as signage, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets and other traditional business usage. Secondly, it is used for websites, online portfolios and other media platforms. Finally, it is used even for non-business projects i.e. school purposes. With all these uses, you will never go wrong once you decide to use this in one of your projects today or in the future. The font will surely blow your away (in a good way of course!)

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