Natural Born Font


Are you looking for a font that emerges beyond it being a mere typeface? This particular font that we are about to introduce has a story of its own, which actually started in the year 2013. For starters, the story was spun when a genius decided to move into the big city where he was able to meet the finest people from across the globe. The font is a result of a lot talks in class sessions, trains and bars. It is the result of sharing ideas, moments and experiences. It is because of these people and experiences that this font came about and existed right before your eyes.

From the outside, the font can be likened to the ones you see in the picturesque districts of the Mediterranean. It combines the traditional with the classic strokes as well as the trendy additions that blends with its multicultural vibe. Indeed, this particular font brings together both modern and traditional times. This is a font worth trying for in today’s time and new age.

For its Regular stroke it has over 200 glyphs such as the lower and uppercase; alternative glyphs, uppercase numerals, normal Ligatures and punctuation marks and symbols. This is something for everybody to use.

Download Natural Born Designer Font

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