Bembo Font


This font dates back during the Italian Renaissance, particularly during the time of the famous Aldus Manutius printers. The latter made used of a new typeface in printing Book de Aetna by Pietro Bembo.

Francesco Griffo was the genius behind the Bembo font. The type dsigner was a known punchcutter who initiated the pen-drawn effect in humanist calligraphy. Such heavier look was made to develop a more stylistic visual that is commonly used in most roman font types these days. The introduction of the type design was made in 1929 when Stanley Morison and its Monotype Corporation design folks made used of Griffo’s design for its revival type. It was during the same time when it was named as “Bembo.”

Thereafter, a lot of changes were made to the letters to make the font more updated with the times. For instance, the creation of the italic type based on Giovanni Tagliente.

Bembo became a famous choice in the book typography because of its graceful and lighter weight stability. Its heavier weight versions share a conservative yet dependable effect for both advertising and packaging use.

To date, Bembo has 31 weights, inclusive of the following, Old style characters, small caps, expert figures plus a cap R alternate. Indeed, this font makes it an ideal, all-purport typeface family.

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