Mute Font


Mute is a font which takes pride of its elegant typeface of sans serif font family descent. Created by Manushi Parikh, the font is ideal for mobile-related works such as applications and user interfaces. It combines a rather unique, functionality and legibility with its distinct linear and precise font elements. In addition is its friendly and neutral aura that will be fitting for your website homepage. The aspects of the font are expressed in such a manner that you will be reading it from top to bottom—in its entirety. Perhaps this is because of the low stroke terminals and contrast endings on the vertical or horizontal part; making the counter and apertures open between characters for a clearer effect.

Should you choose Mute for your font, the price of the font at $130 is already inclusive of 5 variants with 386 glyphs each. Indeed, it is the right font for everything and anything commercial you have out there! It is that which will truly make a difference to your work; whether for posters, website, blog, flyers, leaflets, presentation, campaign or advertisement it will embark on carrying your ideology coupled with artistry and precision.

Choose Mute and never get defeated in the race!

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