Frost Font


Are you thinking of fonts for headings that suit the trends of 2015? Headings are made perfect by Frost. Frost is a family series of fonts by Fenotype typefaces designed with versatility of style and sophistication thus making it compatible to all kinds of work; for banners and streamers, most especially for headings. The style of Frost will give emphasis to your captions and titles that will supplement any other fonts of texts. The font is smooth, very polished, regular and linear therefore one must try this font design.

In 1950s and 1960s, Emil Karl Bertell, a Finnish type designer and illustrator created Frost under the influence of hand-letterings and sign painting styles. The creation of Frost has lead to the rise of other font designs but there is no other font than Frost alone. The series of this font contains the script that varies in three different weights which are thin than wide.

Since making your own hand-written lettering consumes ample amount of time and requires great effort. A little touch of Frost font will do the work on your headings. This font includes useful ornaments and banner sets, caps and small caps – unlock these features and experience Frost at $69 only.

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