Cereal Font


A font conceptualized by Carlos Fabian Camargo includes 8 amazing fonts in one package which can be used for a distinct purpose or genre. It can work perfectly well either in group or as a unit. Cereal is released by Andinistas hence, you are guaranteed a design that works perfect in every endeavor you have in mind insofar as creating your textual compositions for commercial communication. One of its strength is its visual capacity and intense creativity which could perfect as fonts for website homepages, book covers, wedding invites, logos and posters.

On top of that, Cereal font has 150 glyphs to date (and counting) paired with special effects and words which could captivate you at first sight. As already mentioned, there are 8 fonts included in the pack should you decide to purchase it. The price ranges from $64 which depends on the version you prefer to download. Cereal Dingbats is just one of those fonts found in the pack, which is already a collection of over a hundred drawings including arrows and lightning—the perfect element to decorate an artwork.

Indeed, by choosing Cereal, your commercial projects will never be compromised. What’s more, it will bring it to the next level—the highest one.

Download Cereal Font

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