Texta Narrow Font


Not enough space for your work text? Use Texta Narrow where there is “more space for all”.

Texta Narrow belongs to the family of sans serif fonts. It is widely used by many and is up to the trend of modern fonts. This particular font is rational and transparent. Texta Narrow provides legibility and formality to texts which require long explanations or simply long texts. Texta Narrow is suitable to any type of office work such as presentations and proposals. From headings to long paragraphs, there is no problem at all; it is easily accessible to compose all kinds of texts.

Daniel Hernández Sánchez and Miguel Hernández Montoya designed Texta Narrow to save space thus they came up with a motto “more space for all” which led to the creation of this font. A lengthy work text needs more space to fit all those thoughts inside of your head that gives freedom for the work load.

As the name implies, the narrow design of the strokes of this font gives a fine detail of letters that can be easily read. Texta Narrow seems to solve all problems associated with space. Why not try Texta Narrow now, usually sold for $239. The narrower the better, the more space the more words can be expressed thus making the overall available space in the work increase.

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