FF DIN was designed by Dutch designer Albert-Jan Pool sometime in 1995 and 2009. This sans FontFont was first used to recognize railroad cars in Germany, and eventually on Germany’s public administration and signage. The family has 20 typefaces in normal and condensed styles, and even in italics. FF DIN delivers advanced support features such as fractions, case sensitive forms, super and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates. In addition, FF DIN has proportional lining and tabular lining for an across-the-board figure set options. This font is also made available in 51 languages including Cyrillic and Greek writing systems.

Nowadays, FF DIN is being used on highways signs, digital industries, logo, advertising, publishing and editorial, posters, billboards, and web and screen designs. FF DIN is among the 23 fonts added to the MoMA Architecture and Design Collection in New York in 2011.

FF DIN is the 3rd bestselling font today.











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