Colt Font


This font is from the Fort Foundry line and is a design conceptualized by Mattox Schuler. Colt’s majestic strength lies on a combination of power and finesse in all and the same font size. The letters in wide form is totally inspired by the dominant font style used by motor vehicles in the 1960s. It is inspired by love for used by that generation. Another unique feature of Colt is that it is not space conscious unlike other commercial typefaces. It is actually a good thing especially in branding and tag-lining as it does not constraint all the characters in a single line. It has wide letterform. Hence, it carved a name for itself as a fine leader of commercial font work.

What is more, for $49 you can already enjoy how fantastic it is. You can even play with it and combine it with other font style you have in mind in your primary composition. Should you wish to change its color, size or style it will not matter as it is so versatile that it can be used for all intents and purposes. Indeed, it can embark madness and quality into your content work and embellish it with elements you truly deserve to have.

Download Colt Font

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