Begum Font


The font is from Indian Type Foundry and is a Manushi Parikh creation. From its first impression, Begum is of the serif font, which has a little resemblance with the common Times New Roman. Obviously, the dominant feature is a contemporary appearance. It was primarily designed for short texts and longer intros but is perfect also for fine packaging as well. Should you wish to download the font you can purchase it for $130?

The price is basically just a number in Begum’s case. You can enjoy the added benefits that comes with it by using it in one of your commercial projects i.e. posters, web content, blogs, etc. It is a font that comes very handy and it will help you deliver whatever creative juices you have generated from your brain. It is uniquely and intricately made for authenticity and versatility of use. You can never come across anything like it. You can earn the confidence by using it (and less when you not use it). It is cleverly done especially when you use it as an overlap text for images. It is also best when you have it in black and white or any monochromatic color for that matter. It is made for simplicity.

Download Begum Font

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