Galano Classic Font


This font type is a creation of Rene Bieder which is based from classic grotesque of the 20th century. It is significantly designed with geometric elements which are harmonized with other modern fusions. Galani Classic has letters which are as interesting and sophisticated as possible. For instance, uppercase letters have long-stretched proportions while some have similar magnified and stylish glass proportions. This particular font style consists of several weights with matchy italics that contain an approximate of 500 glyphs.

Galano Classic can be utilized in various purposes. It is the perfect piece when you want to create strong headings which have big and solid feel but of course it works perfectly in varying font sizes. With this, you can be able to deliver the message you like in a stylish and effective manner. You can absolutely manifest whatever you wish in words with Galano Classic, and surely it can help you relay it correctly.

If we have not convinced you yet in choosing this font, wait till you know how it is even worth it. Well, its price. The cost of the font is $200 but with the added benefits you get from using it. We think that the cost is just a number.

Download Galano Classic Font

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