Chalk Hand Lettering Font


Using chalks on blackboards may sound old school since nowadays not many schools around the world use the usual chalk and board-thing in modern education thus turning the old school into cool. Chalk Hand Lettering is ideal for those who love the vintage look. A lot of people like the classics and to those schools that are well-advanced in technology will find lettering interesting. The lettering is all about perfecting the strokes using the script hand writing that gives each of the letters in the alphabet a unique appearance having each it’s own style written on slate. This font results in handwriting that is quite different from an individual’s handwriting on plain paper.

Chalk Hand Lettering font provides you chalk-written letters on a blackboard printed on a paper. Writing this kind of lettering to a board or any piece of paper is time-consuming. The font gives you convenience by allowing you to type your own lettering and not by scribbling it on the board and you can save effort and time. The only way to perfect the strokes of the Chalk Hand Lettering font needs deliberate efforts and expertise. Why waste time and effort if lettering can be done on a snap of a hand by downloading this font.

Download Chalk Hand Lettering Font

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