Halis Grotesque Font


Halis Grotesque is from a font family that includes 8 weights, italics and normal. Small caps are featured in all the weights and the font has a clean and pure appearance that comes with it. It has an all-new Turkish Lira Sign and a corresponding ampersand created by Professor Halis Bicer. The said creator is a popular Turkish whose expertise extends to graphic design, typography and calligraphy. The personality is such an expert that he was able to devise it with 32 fonts for the price of $19, which is also inclusive of small capitals, stylistic alternates, superscripts, oldstyle figures, scientific inferiors and numerators.

Indeed, it is something that you must use in all your commercial projects. The font is very well made in such a manner that it does not compromise style with legibility. It fits for all purpose you have in mind; from blogs, website, posters, flyers, ads, etc. Designed by Ahmet Altun, Halis Grotesque will definitely devour your thoughts and make it possible for you to put into reality all the creativity you have in mind.
It is simple yet very intricately made to fit all your needs and endeavours. It is the perfect element that matches every platform available and your audience.

Download Halis Grotesque Font

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