Swiss721 Font


This OpenType font from Bitstream Library has innumerable features to offer including additional glyphs and small-sized camps. All the available versions are made closely related to each other. The distinguishing mark of the Swiss721 is the extreme forms utilized in a series which is available in limited orders. These were made in uniforms so that anyone could use it in any way they want without compromising balance and harmony in their work. It breaks out from the traditional and can be applied in any manner you wish. It is no longer a problem to combine style with functionality as Swiss 721 assures both in all their available typefaces. It is perfect choice for those who want outstanding texts for their portfolios, websites, blogs and presentations. It can be used even on advertising materials, product launches, information dissemination and many more applying your design.

It is a worthwhile investment and one which endures the test of time. Whether you want it bold, italic, underscored, outline, condensed, light, heavy or black; in whatever color; whether overlapped, embossed or hightlighted, Swiss721 complements all those techniques you have in mind. It will never fail you neither will it compromise delivery with style. It is the right arm for that traffic you have been eyeing for so long.

Download Swiss721 Font

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