Campton Font


Campton is a simple and uncomplicated typeface with a geometric skeleton. It was designed by Rene Bieder in 2014 with neutrality in mind. Whilst many fonts also showcase alike principles, Campton stands out because of its combined simplicity and sociability.

Campton is equipped with nine weights and their corresponding italics. Its open type features include ligatures, arrows, fractions, case sensitive, alternative glyphs, and many others. Its most remarkable designs diverge from a strong upper case and lower case “o” to an optically mono linear stroke width of “a”, “m”, “n”. Furthermore, the upper case “G” and “C” and the lower case “c” look immensely close to a circle to sustain its rounded and geometric exterior. Campton is ideal for graphic design applications.

Campton is the 28th bestselling font today.











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