Thirsty Rough Font


This is a Yellow Design Studio and an improved version of Thirsty Script font family. It is weathered as well as warm which helps captivate the texture with the authentic and unique characteristic. It is a dominant figure in the letterpress printing because it is easy to customize and has 4 different versions for every typeface weight possible. It is extremely detailed and looks well even in large sizes. It likewise includes match pieces of textures for additional customization for every fun piece.

For $9 you can actually take advantage of Thirsty Rough’s introductory offer, which already includes 21 fonts to choose from. It is perfect for package lettering or headlining as its thick and thin font style combination is a pleasant sight to behold. What’s more, certain effects as outlining and overlap are a perfect combo for this font. Other elements i.e. colours, photos, etc. can be used with it. It is something that you must use in that next commercial project you have in mind. It is surely something that will allow you to play along while you work as this font has a fun vibe in it. Make sure to use and apply it well so as not to compromise your creativity.

Download Thirsty Rough Font

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