Burford Font


This particular font is a creation of Kimmy Kirkwood and was designed in inspiration by all the distinct typography out there that the creator came across with while in 5 different European countries during one of his travels. Burford font family is contained in two, the Burford Pro and the Burford Basic.

Burford Pro is contained with 18 layered fond which includes 5 base layers, 3 top layers, 5 bottom layers and 2 sets of elements for your graphics. They have been made with a purpose to use them over each other; making an amazing and user-friendly to make use of a layer-based font family. Meanwhile, Burford Basic is obviously the non-graphic program to use and for those who are not into the effect of layers. Indeed, Burford can is the best useful kind of a typeface since the font can likewise be used in any other manner, minus the overlapping layers.

The cost of the Burford font is downloadable for $75 and the price is just about it for this font family. Take advantage of the perks it brings you and your commercial project as surely it can bring a lot of significant changes into it. Relay your message in the most incredibly unique way possible.

Download Burford Font

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