ITC Officina Serif Font


The font was initially released in the year 1990. It was paired with other serif family typefaces and was intended for correspondence in the business workforce. ITC Officina Serif is a typeface proven popular in different areas. It was designed by Erik Spiekermann to exemplify coolness and be chosen by trendsetters for their office purposes. Once this font is chosen, it will be able to denote a trendsetter’s coolness and had lost its unique innocence. No need to pretend anymore that its correspondence has two available weights. As a new face in magazines and ads, it entails proper headline and a diversion between bold and book weights. Should you wish additional weights and small letter size, ITC Officina’s creator collaborated with the director of Meta Design Ole Schaefer for more typographry and type design options. This resulted to more weights which include the Medium, Black and Extra Bold plus matching italics that are of Serif and Sans family. On top of that are the all new fonts for small caps weights for both Book and Bold.

Your business text has never experience such innovation, only with ITC Officina Serif. Bring a different glow into your message. Upgrade it to the next level.

Download ITC Officina Serif Font

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