Museo Slab Font


At first glance, this particular font is very attractive despite its robustness features. It is made to perfection by Museo and perfectly fits when used together with the Museo Sans. The font was made by designer Exljbris’s Jos Buivenga with a glint of Museo’s friendliness. Like its offspring Museo, this slab serif is OpenType and is not recommended for pure display use. If changed into a tiny size, Museo Slab can be read legibly still. It has even 25,000 different pairs of kerning.

All in all, this font is a perfect choice for those who would like to achieve both clarity and legibility in today’s modern age. The font is versatile even when changed in colors or typeface. It makes every letter and word you make as business-like as possible without compromising ingenuity and creativity. Museo Slab is perfect too for running heads of your blogs and attention-getters on your website. By using this, you will minimize the font types to be used in your content or blog entries. Hence, you can be able to imbibe the real meaning of “simplicity is beauty”.

Make that post of yours worth it and simply attract your audience by using this particular font.

Download Museo Slab Font

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