Quercus Font


Looking for trendy old classic fonts? Why not try Quercus. Quercus gives a formal look to your work text. It is best for offices and formal presentation. Quercus makes your headings look prim and proper. Quercus has this thick weight which will give good emphasis to your headings because the letters do not attach with each other. Quercus can also be advisable to your texts since the small size of your texts will tend to be condensed, so by using this font the problem will be solved by providing little condensation of letters. Quercus is used in any types of work and is suitable to any papers, and also to any kinds of web designs. This particular font is recommended for making banners, streamers and posters and book covers and is compatible to any color used.

Quercus is created by Frantisek Storm. He inspired himself with the old classicist typefaces to create this serif font. This font is distinguished by an open, but also slightly condensed style in order not to compress with one another.

The font comes with a pack of eight interpolated weights with its respective italicized letters. With the package costing $329, although expensive but you will experience satisfaction since the package includes huge combinations where you can freely choose from Quercus Ten to any other Quercus typefaces.

Download Quercus Font

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