Proxima Nova Font


Perhaps you have come across this font as an enhancement of Proxima Sans, which actually belongs to the 42 other Open Type selections. Proxima Nova is featured with three-width font choices that stylistically overlap the gap of equally known typefaces, namely Akzindenz Grotesk and Futura. Judging from its appearance, the font if distinctly hybrid which is a combination of geometric and humanistic appearance and proportions. Besides what has been stated earlier, this particular font comes with a plus of small caps, alternate characters, classic style figures, language support and many more upside to be deciphered.

Its popularity in today’s commercial market may be attributed to its straightforward yet edgy font style. It is just the perfect font to choose for the “body” of your content blog or website or description of your photos and other media additions i.e. videos, collage, podcast, audios. Its simplicity brings a total package of professionalism—an excellent choice for business portfolios and organization websites.

With Proxima Nova, you can be sure that your messages are relayed outright by your readers the moment your click the publish button. You will be able to embark on your stories, news and facts when this font is chosen. It will never fail you in setting a central point to your specific market audience.

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