ITC Avant Garde Font


In 1970, Tom Carnase and Herb Lubalin designed the ITC Avant Garde Gothic based on the latter’s magazine logo, which was a cheerful construction of overlapping geometric capitals tightly-set for use. This is a sans serif font with geometric effect which means that it has an abundance of circles, straight lines and basic shapes construction patterned from the 1920s movement of the German Bauhaus. ITC Avant Garde’s earliest versions were depicted for its unique ligatures and alternates that remains to conjure the 70’s typographic aura. It has a solid, modern-looking result which made it a crowd-favorite amongst graphic designers to date.

Its huge success is pointed to its large, tall and open x-heights counter which despite it being bold and straightforward maintains a friendly and cheerful option for headlines and short texts. It is even especially suitable for your commercial descriptions or even your highlighted texts. Further, it made dearly possible for unique messages and underscored information.

In 1974, ITC Avant Garde’s condensed weight was conceptualized by Ed Benguiat while its oblique was drawn by Erich Gscgwind, Andre Gurtler and Christian Mengelt. All these made before the year 1977. Another development came in 1983 when Ned Bunnel made the font’s monospaced version. You can never go wrong once you choose this.

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