Gill Sans Font


Gill Sans is the successful result behind the genius of Eric Gill. After its creation, the font was publicized in 1928 up to 1930 by Monotype. The design was based from the typeface of Edward Johnston who was Gill’s teacher and thereafter was used in the signage of the Underground Railway of London in the year 1918. At a first glance, Gill’s alphabet line-up is very classical with a distinct feature that is proportionate and contains its signature design—the flared R and the eyeglass G. It does not compromise style with efficiency and readability as it is a humanist font coupled with geometric structures as its features. One can likewise distinguish it as a British font because of its modern-look and legibly cheerful outputs; perfect for use in your texts and descriptions. The bolder weights make it perfect for typography and the other ones are ideal for other purposes. It is even available for Value Pack in platforms such as Macintosh, personal computer or Hybrid CD.

On top of that, Gill Sans has 32 different styles to boot. Everything that you can think insofar as your textual style is concerned is just within your fingertips when you use this particular font.

Download Gill Sans Font

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