Futura Font


About 2500 years ago, the Futura has this family origin in the ancient Greece that was engraved and said to be done by the Cretans at the time of Pythagoras by Imperial Romans in the Scipios tomb thus explaining the upper cases of this font being similar to the classical Roman capitals. But some believed that this font was transcribed by classic revival architects during the 18th century in London explaining the playful creativity of the lowercase letters having tall ascenders which rise above the cap line, and utilizes a single-storey “a” and “g” . A more reliable source of history says that Paul Renner created this magnificent font. Regardless of its complicated history, Futura is a font of great distinction and formality. It can be used in different type of work. Maybe used as font for subject headings and work texts, projects for students, banners, streamers, and signage.

Futura is a sans serif typeface, a geometric one. It is a font of casualness and good organization of style. The design unlike the other fonts of sans serif family series which are based on nearly perfect geometric shapes, Futura has strokes of low contrast characteristic and of nearly smooth and light weight. Futura can be used casually and formally in any presentations and proposals. Download Futura now for free.

Download Futura Font

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