Frutiger is a typeface designed by Nadine Chahine inspired by her mentor Adrian Frutiger who introduced her to the Latin font Frutiger. The said Lebanese designer saw it that this particular font style will be incorporated with certain aspects of Naskh and Ruqaa designs in letter forms. With that plus the resulting labels of humanist Kufi, the handwriting structure has been modulated into a slight handwriting structure so it can appear informal yet a friendly version of the well-defined and geometric structure of the Kufi fonts styles. With its Latin counterpart, the design was able to maintain its target insofar as signage application is likewise perfect for low resolution devices’ diplay as well as huge format advertising headlines likewise with branding and corporate identity applications. Frutiger includes the basics of Latin Frutiger and some other elements of Urdu, Persian and Arabic. It likewise include tabular and proportional numerals supported in so many languages. Now as you use Frutiger in your daily business activities, it will further enhance your chance to capture the attention of the thousands who are looking for enticing and unique product offers. Use this font in your website and you will see what difference it could bring to you!

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