Avenir Font


Avenir is a font of fine distinction which provides legibility and has sensible and harmonious appearance not only for headlines but also for texts. For years, the geometric sans serif fonts like Futura and Erbar have been popular and used by many. In 1988, Adrian Frutiger used the latter fonts as inspiration for the making his typeface – the Avenir. This font has letters that has of small resemblance to the fonts that have been inspired on for the creation, however, is not completely geometric thus it is not good for mathematical figures unlike the sans serif fonts. The letter “o” of this font does not give likeness to the standard o we commonly see, the o isn’t designed in perfect circles as well as in shortened ascenders.

The font has vertical strokes thicker than horizontals thus making it ideal for headlines and texts. The well-detailed quality of the strokes gave emphasis and precise weight exactly to catch people’s eyes to read the headline. The feature of the font used in texts is of light weight good for reading and in good blend of any paper. It can be used as a recommended font for printed materials that requires good emphasis for the headlines and not an eye sore when used as texts.

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