Futura Font


About 2500 years ago, the Futura has this family origin in the ancient Greece that was engraved and said to be done by the Cretans at the time of Pythagoras by Imperial Romans in the Scipios tomb thus explaining the upper cases of this font being similar to the classical Roman capitals. But some believed that this font was transcribed by classic revival architects during the 18th century in London explaining the playful creativity of the lowercase letters having tall ascenders which rise above the cap line, and utilizes a single-storey “a” and “g” . A more reliable source of history says that Paul Renner created this magnificent font. Regardless of its complicated history, Futura is a font of great distinction and formality. It can be used in different type of work. Maybe used as font for subject headings and work texts, projects for students, banners, streamers, and signage.

Futura is a sans serif typeface, a geometric one. It is a font of casualness and good organization of style. The design unlike the other fonts of sans serif family series which are based on nearly perfect geometric shapes, Futura has strokes of low contrast characteristic and of nearly smooth and light weight. Futura can be used casually and formally in any presentations and proposals. Download Futura now for free.

Download Futura Font

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Quercus Font


Looking for trendy old classic fonts? Why not try Quercus. Quercus gives a formal look to your work text. It is best for offices and formal presentation. Quercus makes your headings look prim and proper. Quercus has this thick weight which will give good emphasis to your headings because the letters do not attach with each other. Quercus can also be advisable to your texts since the small size of your texts will tend to be condensed, so by using this font the problem will be solved by providing little condensation of letters. Quercus is used in any types of work and is suitable to any papers, and also to any kinds of web designs. This particular font is recommended for making banners, streamers and posters and book covers and is compatible to any color used.

Quercus is created by Frantisek Storm. He inspired himself with the old classicist typefaces to create this serif font. This font is distinguished by an open, but also slightly condensed style in order not to compress with one another.

The font comes with a pack of eight interpolated weights with its respective italicized letters. With the package costing $329, although expensive but you will experience satisfaction since the package includes huge combinations where you can freely choose from Quercus Ten to any other Quercus typefaces.

Download Quercus Font

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Texta Narrow Font


Not enough space for your work text? Use Texta Narrow where there is “more space for all”.

Texta Narrow belongs to the family of sans serif fonts. It is widely used by many and is up to the trend of modern fonts. This particular font is rational and transparent. Texta Narrow provides legibility and formality to texts which require long explanations or simply long texts. Texta Narrow is suitable to any type of office work such as presentations and proposals. From headings to long paragraphs, there is no problem at all; it is easily accessible to compose all kinds of texts.

Daniel Hernández Sánchez and Miguel Hernández Montoya designed Texta Narrow to save space thus they came up with a motto “more space for all” which led to the creation of this font. A lengthy work text needs more space to fit all those thoughts inside of your head that gives freedom for the work load.

As the name implies, the narrow design of the strokes of this font gives a fine detail of letters that can be easily read. Texta Narrow seems to solve all problems associated with space. Why not try Texta Narrow now, usually sold for $239. The narrower the better, the more space the more words can be expressed thus making the overall available space in the work increase.

Download Texta Narrow Font

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Frost Font


Are you thinking of fonts for headings that suit the trends of 2015? Headings are made perfect by Frost. Frost is a family series of fonts by Fenotype typefaces designed with versatility of style and sophistication thus making it compatible to all kinds of work; for banners and streamers, most especially for headings. The style of Frost will give emphasis to your captions and titles that will supplement any other fonts of texts. The font is smooth, very polished, regular and linear therefore one must try this font design.

In 1950s and 1960s, Emil Karl Bertell, a Finnish type designer and illustrator created Frost under the influence of hand-letterings and sign painting styles. The creation of Frost has lead to the rise of other font designs but there is no other font than Frost alone. The series of this font contains the script that varies in three different weights which are thin than wide.

Since making your own hand-written lettering consumes ample amount of time and requires great effort. A little touch of Frost font will do the work on your headings. This font includes useful ornaments and banner sets, caps and small caps – unlock these features and experience Frost at $69 only.

Download Frost Font

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Mute Font

Mute is a font which takes pride of its elegant typeface of sans serif font family descent. Created by Manushi Parikh, the font is ideal for mobile-related works such as applications and user interfaces. It combines a rather unique, functionality and legibility with its distinct linear and precise font elements. In addition is its friendly and neutral aura that will be fitting for your website homepage. The aspects of the font are expressed in such a manner that you will be reading it from top to bottom—in its entirety. Perhaps this is because of the low stroke terminals and contrast endings on the vertical or horizontal part; making the counter and apertures open between characters for a clearer effect.

Should you choose Mute for your font, the price of the font at $130 is already inclusive of 5 variants with 386 glyphs each. Indeed, it is the right font for everything and anything commercial you have out there! It is that which will truly make a difference to your work; whether for posters, website, blog, flyers, leaflets, presentation, campaign or advertisement it will embark on carrying your ideology coupled with artistry and precision.

Choose Mute and never get defeated in the race!

Download Mute Font

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Cereal Font


A font conceptualized by Carlos Fabian Camargo includes 8 amazing fonts in one package which can be used for a distinct purpose or genre. It can work perfectly well either in group or as a unit. Cereal is released by Andinistas hence, you are guaranteed a design that works perfect in every endeavor you have in mind insofar as creating your textual compositions for commercial communication. One of its strength is its visual capacity and intense creativity which could perfect as fonts for website homepages, book covers, wedding invites, logos and posters.

On top of that, Cereal font has 150 glyphs to date (and counting) paired with special effects and words which could captivate you at first sight. As already mentioned, there are 8 fonts included in the pack should you decide to purchase it. The price ranges from $64 which depends on the version you prefer to download. Cereal Dingbats is just one of those fonts found in the pack, which is already a collection of over a hundred drawings including arrows and lightning—the perfect element to decorate an artwork.

Indeed, by choosing Cereal, your commercial projects will never be compromised. What’s more, it will bring it to the next level—the highest one.

Download Cereal Font

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Marat Sans Font


Lively and clean, this is what Marat Sans is about at a glance. It is a sans serif font which was created by the person named Ludwig Ubele. It is characterized by utmost legibility insofar as the typeface is concerned and with a wide variety of typography for use and consumption. This particular font family has included 7 styles and weights plus different innovative elements including arrows, sensitive forms, inferiors and superiors, language features, alternate glyphs, fractions and numerals. It is perfect when for the body of your blog or the description of your media elements for your website. It is likewise pleasing to the eyes when used as a headline of your contents or blog entries. It is also a perfect choice for taglines of your brand or product campaign or even the textual forms of your posters and flyers. Adding to that, it is a good choice for minimalist-themed ads as it will execute the words you want to communicate. You can use it should you want to play with colors, textual effects i.e. highlights, outlines, shadows, etc. to add creativity to your work.

Indeed, there are a lot magic that you can use with the Marat Sans font—one that will surely benefit the commercial agenda you have in mind.

Download Marat Sans Font

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Swiss721 Font


This OpenType font from Bitstream Library has innumerable features to offer including additional glyphs and small-sized camps. All the available versions are made closely related to each other. The distinguishing mark of the Swiss721 is the extreme forms utilized in a series which is available in limited orders. These were made in uniforms so that anyone could use it in any way they want without compromising balance and harmony in their work. It breaks out from the traditional and can be applied in any manner you wish. It is no longer a problem to combine style with functionality as Swiss 721 assures both in all their available typefaces. It is perfect choice for those who want outstanding texts for their portfolios, websites, blogs and presentations. It can be used even on advertising materials, product launches, information dissemination and many more applying your design.

It is a worthwhile investment and one which endures the test of time. Whether you want it bold, italic, underscored, outline, condensed, light, heavy or black; in whatever color; whether overlapped, embossed or hightlighted, Swiss721 complements all those techniques you have in mind. It will never fail you neither will it compromise delivery with style. It is the right arm for that traffic you have been eyeing for so long.

Download Swiss721 Font

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Avenir Font


Avenir is a font of fine distinction which provides legibility and has sensible and harmonious appearance not only for headlines but also for texts. For years, the geometric sans serif fonts like Futura and Erbar have been popular and used by many. In 1988, Adrian Frutiger used the latter fonts as inspiration for the making his typeface – the Avenir. This font has letters that has of small resemblance to the fonts that have been inspired on for the creation, however, is not completely geometric thus it is not good for mathematical figures unlike the sans serif fonts. The letter “o” of this font does not give likeness to the standard o we commonly see, the o isn’t designed in perfect circles as well as in shortened ascenders.

The font has vertical strokes thicker than horizontals thus making it ideal for headlines and texts. The well-detailed quality of the strokes gave emphasis and precise weight exactly to catch people’s eyes to read the headline. The feature of the font used in texts is of light weight good for reading and in good blend of any paper. It can be used as a recommended font for printed materials that requires good emphasis for the headlines and not an eye sore when used as texts.

Download Avenir Font

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Chalk Hand Lettering Font


Using chalks on blackboards may sound old school since nowadays not many schools around the world use the usual chalk and board-thing in modern education thus turning the old school into cool. Chalk Hand Lettering is ideal for those who love the vintage look. A lot of people like the classics and to those schools that are well-advanced in technology will find lettering interesting. The lettering is all about perfecting the strokes using the script hand writing that gives each of the letters in the alphabet a unique appearance having each it’s own style written on slate. This font results in handwriting that is quite different from an individual’s handwriting on plain paper.

Chalk Hand Lettering font provides you chalk-written letters on a blackboard printed on a paper. Writing this kind of lettering to a board or any piece of paper is time-consuming. The font gives you convenience by allowing you to type your own lettering and not by scribbling it on the board and you can save effort and time. The only way to perfect the strokes of the Chalk Hand Lettering font needs deliberate efforts and expertise. Why waste time and effort if lettering can be done on a snap of a hand by downloading this font.

Download Chalk Hand Lettering Font

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